We live in a world of prejudices that come in many forms. From racial, economical, and my least favorite: Social or better yet the targeted audience is that of  a special needs person or group. How can we influence change? One word: Education. We as parents need to set the example and then also teach our younger generation that you should treat others as you would have them treat you.

That brings me to the inspiration for this blog, my book (which I vlog) and all that I do every day. Let me me take you on a journey that all started twelve in a half years ago with the birth of my son Jacob, who is the most wonderful boy you’ll ever meet.

To read more please click the link to : Our Story.  Hope you like it!

If you would like tips on how to raise a special needs child, check out the : Special Children tab. There I will discuss everything from having the right case manger to the right equipment and so forth.

Us Mothers have needs too, and at times it seems like we don’t have much of an identity other than “oh you’re such and such mom!” well, that’s not true. We need time to our selves and we need from time to time a pat on the back, or brownie points because let’s face it: A Happy Wife is A Happy Life!  To get healthy tips for us Moms click on the : Special Needs Mom tab.

Are you a sibling who feels left out or are you a father who just is seen as the bread winner? You’ll enjoy reading my blog page : Special Members. On this page I will address these concerns and I will even get real time answers from my husband and daughter in order to hopefully make your day a little more brighter!