Special Mothers

Us Mothers have our own needs. After all :” A Happy Wife is A Happy Life!”

So we special needs mothers need all the help we can get emotionally and physically. 

So no Pitty party is needed. We need to at times vent and cry till we can find our courage again. We are strong but we are imperfect so we do look to God in prayer for the strength that is beyond what is normal.

And good health is very important. “You have to care for yourself in order to care for them!” So I will discuss next what I do everyday to try to keep healthy.

Everyone is different, so even though you find healthy tips, please know you can’t always trust what you read. Plus, if I take something and it has no side effects for me it doesn’t mean it won’t for you. What I can say is that if it was made by God and not man made it usually doesn’t have side effects and it’s usually much better for you. The only down side is it might take longer to get the same results. 

My newest daily regiment  (at least I try to take it every day) is my vinegar drink. It helps with constipation, digestion, and high blood pressure to name a few things it is good for.

2 Tablespoons of organic vinegar  (which should have the word “Mother” on the lable).   4 cups of hot water, 2 Tablespoons of raw honey (local raw honey is best, much less if it’s organic) half of a lemon squeezed and a Tablespoon of cinnamon. 

I also drink Smooth Move which is a tea by  Traditional Medicinals. Warning your gut will cramp and you’ll feel sick getting rid of toxins, but your body will thank you later. I deal with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and so I drink peppermint tea which is also by Traditional Medicinals. I also drink Red Raspberry tea by Traditional Medicinals for when I am PMSING. But the best thing I take for my very uncomfortable periods is Female Balance which is a combination of herbs by Nature Sunshine. My mother is a member so I don’t pay the full price (which isn’t that much, and it is so worth the money). 

For my days that I deal with depression, I take Sunny Days an herbal combination I bought not cheaply from Earth Fair. It has Omega 3s and other herbs that help balance your emotions. 

And I drink lots of water. Water is extremely important: it helps with constipation, it helps with inflammation of the muscles which I strain a lot. And with lemon juice it helps with energizing you. And always drink before, during and after a walk, run or work out! 

That brings me to my 2 favorite diets that I have tried and lost lots of weight with. The first is more structured and is harder to find now days : The 6 week diet by Micheal Thermon. The second is the one I need to go back on. The 21 day fix by Beach and Body Works. I got the extreme edition and belive me the work outs are hard and burn. What I liked is the meals were pretty simple and since I am Gluten Free, I was happy that a lot of the recipes were something I could eat. If your going to buy the kit, buy it on Amazon because Beach Body is horrible with their customer service and they tried to rip me off (long story). Plus you have to buy weights and a weight band because it is not included in kit. 

Now a little about Shakeology. The chocolate is a bit Chucky but the taste is tolerable. It made me feel great and I had tones of energy. However 30 bags for $130 which is not a whole months supply is pretty pricey. That being said, there are shake powder alternatives by the tons. I found one that is all plant based and organic and that tastes great and is actually better for you at Costco. You probably can find it on line in a smaller container but I try to buy in bulk what I use a lot of to save money in the long run.  

At Costco it’s about $40 so do you want to pay $130 or just $40 and have enough for at least a month?

What about you, what do you do to keep healthy? I would love to hear from you and see what your doing to keep healthy. 

Today, May 8th I wake up after yesterday’s great successful party for my son. After Thursday I will tell you more about why we had the party. But for now, I am tired. My brain keeps thinking why aren’t you sleeping? Because the dishes need cleaning, and there is plenty more packing to be done. Do you ever wonder why you are brave


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